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John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Mosquito Books

With a legacy that withstands the test of time, John Lennon is much more than an iconic musician. His music transcended borders, and some of his songs have become anthems of humanity. Alongside Paul McCartney, he led The Beatles, a musical revolution that conquered the world with its pop aesthetics and universal songs. John fell in love with Yoko Ono, a plastic artist specializing in transgressive montages, and both became advocates for peace, freedom, and global harmony. Their protests against the Vietnam War are still remembered.


Mosquito Books publishes this new volume of the DÚO collection, which pays homage to pairs of talents and the magic of their complementarity. The volume overflows with character thanks to the double-page illustrations by Carmen Casado and the texts by Francesca Ferretti de Blonay. An illustrated book that preserves the essence of Mosquito, with an informative and understandable narrative for an audience of all ages.


The printing has been done with stochastic screening and LED UV inks, the hardcover binding is sewn, and its materials are certified by FSC.



18,9 x 26,1 cm



Cover: Semi-matte coated 135 g

Interior 40 pages: White offset 160 g



Stochastic screening and LED UV inks



Hardcover sewn with FSC certified materials

Tapa dura, LED UV