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  • Livre jeunesse Aux Pays de Rizières
  • Mosquito Books Aux Pays de Rizières
  • Gardes livre Aux Pays de Rizières
  • Myanmar livre Aux Pays de Rizières
  • Peninsule Indochinoise livre Aux Pays de Rizières
  • Cambodja livre Aux Pays de Rizières
  • Laos livre Aux Pays de Rizières

Aux Pays des Rizières

Mosquito Books

Between India and China lies a peninsula with a tropical climate, magical landscapes, and ancient civilizations: the Indochinese peninsula. More than a tale, Aux Pays des Rizières is a grand journey full of a thousand surprises, from Thailand to Myanmar passing through Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. An open window to the diversity of cultures and the beauty of the world.


The book comes to life thanks to Mosquito Books, this year recognized as the best children’s publisher of the year in Europe at the 2024 Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Each page of the story captivates the eye with double-page illustrations by María Beorlegi and informative texts by Soledad Romero Marino suitable for all audiences.


Reproductions of the illustrations on paper are of high quality thanks to stochastic screen printing and the use of UV LED inks. For the sewn hardcover binding, materials with FSC certification have been used.



35,5 x 28,5 cm



Cover: Semi-matte coated 135 g

Interior 40 pages: White offset 160 g



Stochastic screening and LED UV inks



Hardcover sewn with FSC certified materials

Tapa dura, LED UV