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Mosquito Books

Extintos is an illustrated tribute to the animal species that have become extinct in the last hundred years due to the Sixth Extinction, caused by humans. We often think of dinosaurs and mammoths when we talk about extinction, but we forget that it is an ongoing problem, with species disappearing from the Earth every week. This book not only pays tribute to extinct animals but also inspires readers to care for the planet and preserve biodiversity.


Extintos is one of the publications in the select collection of educational books by Mosquito Books, recognized as the best children’s publisher of the year in Europe at this year’s Bologna Children’s Book Fair. The author of the book, Lucas Riera, specializes in nature and history and offers us a narrative that is suitable for all audiences. His texts are accompanied by the captivating double-page illustrations by Jack Tite.


Reproductions of the illustrations on paper are of high quality thanks to stochastic screen printing and the use of UV LED inks. For the sewn hardcover binding, materials with FSC certification have been used.



35,5 x 28,5 cm



Cover: Semi-matte coated 135 g

Interior 48 pages: White offset 160 g



Stochastic screening and LED UV inks



Hardcover sewn with FSC certified materials

Tapa dura, LED UV