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Pugna Book


After the publication of OUTDOORS (2018), Aryz steps back into the publishing world with PUGNA. The Catalan artist compiles in this second book the exhibitions held during 2019 in France. Struggle and ideological confrontation are the themes explored in his latest creations, which are exhibited in such unique settings as the church of Saint-Merry in Paris, the temple of Saint-Éloi in Rouen, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Nancy.


Oficina 200Bis does a sublime job in the graphic production of the book. Their sensitivity and expertise in the graphic industry make the project a unique creation.


PUGNA BOOK features a Dutch binding, with hardcover sewn and lined with Skivertex Vicuana from Winter Company and the spine in red Assuan cloth from Guarro Casas, silk-screened. The cover is finished with black stamping. The 176 inner pages are printed on 150-gram Creator Vol paper.


Undoubtedly, PUGNA is an exhibition object. The production and printing work is exquisite, but what really gives exclusivity to the book are the texts, the result of collaboration between various experts in the art world: Nicolas Couturieux, curator and producer, Stéphanie Lemoine, art historian and journalist, Susana Gàllego, chief curator and director of the Musée des Beaux Arts de Nancy, and Guillaume Laserre, independent art critic and exhibition curator.



20 x 24,5 cm



Cover: Mixed lining, with Skirventex Vicuana from Winter Company and red Assuan cloth spine from Guarro Casas

Endpapers: Inuro Ecarlata cardboard 185 g from Unión Papelera

Interior 176 pages: Creator vol 150 g from Torras Papel



4+4 LED UV inks



Dutch binding

Hardcover mixed with sewn thread, 3 mm cardboard

Red headbands and bookmark.



Cover with matte black stamping

Screen printing on spine in cloth

Exhibition catalog
Tapa dura, Capçades, Guardes, Serigrafia, Estampació