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Editorial Tenov


Editorial Tenov brings us a publication that explores the work of Ramon Oriol and his avant-garde vision. An innovative reinterpretation of a traditional art form through the ever-changing prism of contemporary culture.


Ramon Oriol is the latest in a lineage of five generations of jewelers and has expanded the scope of traditional jewelry towards design. For over fifty years, he has created a personal body of work that is reviewed for the first time in this book through 250 images and over 350 preparatory drawings that allow us to delve into his creative process.


The design, led by Carles Murillo, compiles the meticulous photographic material and sketches of the goldsmith, a delicate material that demands maximum fidelity in printing, and Tenov takes on the challenge at the Agpograf workshop.


The catalog comes to life with chromatic details captured using a combination of different printing technologies: LED UV technology and digital offset printing with our HP Indigo. It is bound in hardcover lined with Warm Grey Geltex and with a blind embossing. With the combination of top-quality papers such as Sirio Perla and Symbol Matt Plus from Fedrigoni Papers, we manage to highlight every detail of Oriol’s work.



20 x 28 cm



Interior: Sirio Perla 80 g and Symbol Matt Plus 130 g from Fedrigoni Papers

Cover lining: Warm Grey Geltex 115 g



320 pages at 4+4: UV LED printing

60 pages at 1+1 (black): Conventional offset printing

Cover card: HP Indigo printing



Hardcover lined with Warm Grey Geltex



Cover with blind embossing and chrome glued

Exhibition catalog, Books
HP Indigo, Guardes, Offset convencional, Enquadernació tapa dura, Relleu sec, LED UV