La nuit du dodo - Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle – Agpograf Impressors
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La nuit du dodo

Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle

Bob is the son of the night watchman at the National Museum of Natural History, so he has the privilege of being able to visit the grand gallery of evolution every evening when the animals wake up, except for the dodo, who remains mute and motionless…


Véronique Ovaldé immerses us in the whirlwind of her imagination and offers us a noir novel in trompe-l’oeil with the colorful illustrations of Aline Zalko.


The work of the Parisian artist is dazzling. Her style stands out for the bold use of color, with great intensity and saturation. The conversion of color in printing notably dulls the colors, resulting in a completely different outcome from painting. The only technique that can solve this problem is multicolour process, a technology that simulates RGB color profiles in printing to preserve color vividness on paper, offering spectacular results like La nuit du dodo.


The Nexe Group has advised the MNHN publishing team in the production of the tale. From the careful selection of papers, finishes, binding, and printing technology by our technical office at Nexe Impressions in Girona; to the photographic retouching, photomechanics, and colorimetry tests carried out by Les Caméléons in Paris; and ending with printing at the graphic workshops of Agpograf Impressors in Poblenou, Barcelona.


Exceptional teamwork thanks to the efficient symbiosis between the three companies in the group.



13 x 19 cm



Cover lining: Wibalin FinenLine 125 g from Winter & Company

Interior 64 pages: Offset Arena Natural Bulk 120 g from Fedrigoni Paper

Endpapers: Offset Arena Natural Bulk 120 g from Fedrigoni Paper



Cover lining: Multicolour process (7/7 inks) + Acrylic varnish

Interior: Multicolour process (7/7 inks) with LED UV

Endpapers: Multicolour process (7/7 inks) + Acrylic varnish



Hardcover lined in 1.5 mm cardboard with flat spine



RGB profile simulation – Multicolour printing

Acrylic varnish

Tapa dura, Vernís acrílic, Folre, Guardes, Impressió en multicromia, LED UV