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Jorge Satorre: Pelusa

Biel Books

Jorge Satorre is a Mexican artist known for working through manual processes and experimentation with different materials. On this occasion, the artist was invited to produce a work of art at the Elica factory in Querétaro, dedicated to the design and manufacture of cooker hoods.


The book, designed by Gabriel Pericàs and which we have had the opportunity to produce, collects and recounts the different stages of the artist’s development of the work Pelusa, from his first visits to the factory to its execution.


Pelusa is a collective work in which the artist wanted to involve Elica’s workers in the creative process, breaking away from the mechanical and repetitive tasks of a factory routine.


The final result is a hardcover book covered with coated paper and two booklets glued inside. The first one is bound with Singer thread and the second one with a Swiss binding with open thread.


Inside, the yellow tone takes centre stage with the interplay of different elements such as the paper of the endpapers and the cover of one of the booklets or the threads used for the two bindings. In addition, the book combines a glossy coated paper printed in CMYK for the photographs and an offset paper printed in two-tone Pantone to simulate the drawings of the project.


Gabriel Pericàs


Book cover
Hardcover lined with coated paper printed in 4 + 0


Book endpapers
Pop’Set Sunshine Yellow of 120 g.


Booklet bound with Singer thread
Outer paper
Pop’Set Sunshine Yellow of 120 g.

Inner paper
Magno Gloss of 150 g. (Sappi Global) printed in CMYK


Swiss binding Booklet with open thread
Arena Bulk Ivory of 100 g. (Fedrigoni Papers) printed in 2 + 2
Pop’Set Sunshine Yellow of 120 g. (Arjowiggins Creative Papers)

Hardcover book with two booklets glued inside. The booklet on the left is bound with Singer stitching, and the one on the right in swiss binding with open thread