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Conversations about work

Andreu World

Andreu World is a Valencian company specialized in the design of chairs and tables for workspaces, living, hotels and restaurants.


International leader, Andreu World, is characterized by its avant-garde contemporary designs with wood as its central axis and the use of sustainable materials for the manufacture of furniture.


The book ‘Conversations about work’ that we have had the pleasure of producing, leads the reader to explore the future of creative work based on the reflection and experience of eight designers.


The book consists of eight individual case studies, but at the same time, readers can follow the narrative as they examine the work strategies, personal visions, and creative processes of each of the experts.


Book printed in the inner pages with Arena Bulk paper of 80 g. by Fedrigoni Papers with leaflet inserts with Materica Color of 350 gr. Black hot foil on the cover with flaps and Otabind binding.


Graphic production
Oficina 200bis

22,5 x 27,0 cm.

Materica Color of 350 g. (Fedrigoni Papers) with black hot foil


Inner pages
Arena Bulk of 80g. (Fedrigoni Papers)


Materica Color of 350 g. (Fedrigoni Papers)


Black hot foil on the cover and backcover

Editorial, Books