Feed Your Creativity - Fedrigoni – Agpograf Impressors
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Feed Your Creativity


Feed Your Creativity is back to inspire creatives and companies looking to reduce the use of plastic in their projects and products through the #PlastictoPaper movement driven by Fedrigoni.


Through the collaboration of Mercè Amat in the production, Agpograf has been able to be part of this project designed by the Blou and Rooi studio.


To promote the It’s time to look differently campaign, Fedrigoni entrusted us with the printing of this project. The result is a piece composed solely of recycled and FSC-certified paper, without stickers or plastics, with ecological vegetable-based inks.


For this purpose, an ingenious fold-out spine has been created, made entirely from a single type of paper, which acts as a holder holding the set of 8 postcards. We also show you Fedrigoni’s imaginative creation to invite the public to change their perspective: a pop-up folder with self-assembling die-cut glasses, all made of paper.


We have combined conventional offset and UVI LED printing to adapt to the characteristics of each postcard, which are dedicated to different solutions for sectors where plastic is the majority:


The Food Contact range certified for direct food contact, the Paper Snap® for liquid and semi-liquid packaging, and the revolutionary Splendorgel High Barrier Technology waterproof paper. The Symbol Card range offers paper solutions for all types of plastic cards and is also printed on environmentally friendly, biodegradable thermoformed cellulose, a material designed for the inside of premium boxes.



Fold-out spine (holder) and set of 8 postcards, including a front and back cover

Pop-up folder and self-assembly glasses



Freelife Cento Black, 210 g


Postcard 1 (Cover): Freelife Cento Rough Extra White, 350 g

Postcard 2: Food Contact Origin Beige, 300 g

Postcard 3: Woodstock Grigio, 285 g

Postcard 4: Freelife Kendo White, 300 g

Postcard 5: Splendorgel High Barrier Technology Extra White 350 g

Postcard 6: Symbol Card ECO 100, Twoside, Premium White, 350 g

Postcard 7: Materica Clay, 360 g

Postcard 8 (Back cover): Freelife Cento Black, 350 g

Pop-up folder

Old Mill ECO 40 Bianco, 300 g

Self-assembly glasses

Materica Acqua, 360 g

Materica Verdigris, 360 g

Materica Terra Rubia, 360 g


Conventional offset + LED UVI

Holder: 1+0 white ink

Postcards: 1+0 black ink, Postcard 8 in 1+0 white ink

Pop-up folder: 1+1 black ink

Self-assembly glasses: 1+0 black ink


Die-cutting of the postcards

Die-cutting and folding of the spine in 8 corners

Die-cutting and folding of the pop-up folder

Die-cutting of the self-mounting glasses

Ecological brass stamping

Corporate brochures, Stationery
Encuny, Conventional offset, Offset convencional, LED UV