The Boss is Here – Rafael Arocha – Agpograf Impressors
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The Boss is Here

Rafael Arocha

Rafael Arocha is a Canary Islands photographer who explores, through photography, the capacity of images as an evocative instrument.


The Boss is Here is Arocha’s new self-published photobook in which he uses non-verbal communication to reveal the powers that condition and control us. In the author’s own words:


“… an obsessive study of body language that shows how human relationships are organized into control systems based on submission and appearance, which are not always visible. Structures, such as that of the book itself, which from a certain invisibility use their power and control to condition our behavior patterns.”


Starting with self-publishing, continuing with Kentaro Terajima‘s editorial design work, followed by publication by Margullo Books, and ending with printing by Agpograf. All these hands make it a unique project and, evidently, full of singularities:


The covers of each copy, printed on Fedrigoni Paper‘s Sirio Color Black/Black panels, are hand-customized by the author. Also noteworthy is the “Japanese” binding, with diptychs with the front uncut and bound with metallic screws that allow the book to be disassembled.


And it is a satisfaction to be able to welcome a project of these characteristics into our workshops where, finally, the magic happens to make it a reality.



17 x 24 cm



Covers (panels): Sirio Color Black/Black 480 g from Fedrigoni Paper

Interior: Coral Book Natural 1.2 80 g



Cover and back: 1-color white UV LED

Interior: 1-color black



“Japanese” binding: diptychs with the front uncut, bound with 3 metallic screws.

Fresat a la japonesa, LED UV