Paisatges habitacionals: de la geografia a l'ecologia - Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona i Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura – Agpograf Impressors
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Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona and Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura

Residential Landscapes: from geography to ecology

Residential Landscapes: from geography to ecology is an editorial project, jointly produced by Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura and the Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB), which displays the ideas produced by the architects’ collective through the AMB’s competitions in recent years.


The publication brings together graphic documents, texts and photographs that stimulate reflection on recent social housing in Catalonia from two approaches to the residential landscape. On one hand, the landscape is documented from a geographical understanding of inhabiting, a description of the collective housing project and, in a second approach, the landscape is understood from an ecological understanding.


The book, designed by Rafamateostudio and published in three languages, consists of two booklets bound in paperback with hard cover in swiss binding style. The booklets, as well as the book jacket, are printed in conventional offset and the cover has a laminated matt finish on one side.


Graphic design

Convencional offset

Matt coated of 150 g. laminated matt finish on one side


Sirio Color Blu of 140 g.


Arena White Smooth of 250 g.


Booklets inside
Arena White Rough de 120 g.

Inner booklets bound in paperback with hard cover in swiss binding style