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Illustrated Nature

La Caixa

Can we consider scientific illustration a work of art? “Illustrated Nature: When Art Meets Science” explores the conjunction of these two seemingly opposing fields through the exploration of scientific illustrations and their evolution throughout history.


La Caixa, in collaboration with Editorial Tenov, brings us this brilliant publication designed by Joana Teixidor and Carles Murillo. At Agpograf, we have taken care of the printing and binding, crucial tasks to achieve the strong presence and premium appearance of the book.


The challenge in printing lies in reproducing the illustrations with meticulous detail and maximum fidelity. That’s why we have chosen to combine traditional printing and LED UV technology as needed. It’s worth noting the selection of materials in production, which enables a robust result with diverse textures.


In the binding process, we’ve also crafted the clamshell-type box that protects the book. Both the box and the hardcover of the book are lined with printed fabric and feature a dry embossing decorated with gold stamping. The whole set is delivered in a stamped and screen-printed unitary box.



Unitary box

Clamshell-type box

224-page book



Box: 2-sided white microchannel by Ondulados del Llobregat

Clamshell-type box and covers: Wicotex Brillianta green fabric by Winter Company

Endpapers: Popset Cactus 170 g by Unión Papelera

Interior: semi-matte coated 150 g by Unión Papelera



Traditional printing + LED UV



Sewn hardcover



Box: Embossed and screen-printed

Clamshell-type box: Lined with fabric and 3mm Bigris cardboard. Dry embossing and gold stamping

Book: Lined with fabric and 3mm Bigris cardboard. Flat spine, dry embossing, and gold stamping

Printed in 3 languages

Editorial, Books
Òfset tradicional, Folre, Serigrafia, Estampació, Enquadernació tapa dura, Relleu sec, LED UV