Magabook of the ADG Laus Awards - ADG FAD – Agpograf Impressors
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Magabook of the ADG Laus Awards


The ADG FAD Magabook is an annual collection of the highest level of creative production.


This year, the Naranjo-Etxeberria studio has been chosen for the design of the ADG Laus 2021 awards publication.


The most disruptive book that has been produced to date to compile the best projects of the year dispenses with photographs and incorporates in the design the new reality of the last year, and breaks with the classic structure of books, eliminating any type of cover.


The project has been treated as a timeline in which every day is the same and where the grids represent the new rules to which we have had to adapt.


Year after year, we collaborate in the production of the book by offering cost-free printing to help make the great work of graphic arts professionals more visible.


The Magabook is made up of two books, the first of which has been printed with four Pantone inks on recycled Steinbis Select paper and bound in open stitching with a dust jacket in transparent paper. The second book, bound in paperback, has been printed with two different papers on the inside, Munken Pure Rough and Majestic White, while Pop’Set Pearl Grey paper has been used for the cover.


Naranjo Etxeberria

Combination of conventional offset and LED UV offset printing techniques

17 x 24 cm

Book of 56 pages
Magazine of 176 pages

The book has been bound in open stitching with a transparent dust jacket and the magazine has been bound in paperback


Recycled paper Steinbeis Select of 115 g. (Steinbeis Papier) printed 4 + 4 with four Pantone inks


Dust jacket
Transparent paper Cromático Transparent Natural of 140 g. (Unión Papelera)

Pop’Set Gris Perla dof 240 g. (Arjowiggins Creative Papers) printed in 1 + 1


Munken Pure Rough of 100 g. (Arctic Paper) printed in 4 + 4
Majestic White 01 of 120 g. (Favini) printed in 1 + 1