Histoire d'Ivan Tsarawitch: La lanterne magique des enfants d'Izieu - Bibliothèque nationale de France – Agpograf Impressors
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Bibliothèque nationale de France

Histoire d’Ivan Tsarawitch: La lanterne magique des enfants d’Izieu

The Izieu House is a farmhouse which, during the Second World War, was used as a shelter for Jewish children.


During this time of horror, the children wrote and drew stories that made them dream of a better world. Among the drawings found after the raid of 6 April 1944, there were three story scrolls, probably used as magic lanterns.


The book “Histoire d’Ivan Tsarawitch: La lanterne magique des enfants d’Izieu” has been published by the Bibliothèque nationale de France on the occasion of the exhibition “Couleurs de l’insouciance. Paroles et images des enfants de la Maison d’Izieu”.


This publication, printed in Leporello format and placed inside a case made of kraft paper, brings together the texts and images created by this group of children between 1943-1944 in the midst of the traumas of war.



20,6 x 13,7 cm

Kraft Liner of 200 g. printed with Pantone inks (white base + blue)

Die-cut case printed with Pantone inks

Drop-down Leporello

19,9 x 13,0 cm

Munken Lynx of 240 g. (Arctic Paper) printed at 4 + 4 and acrylic varnish

Drop-down Leporello