Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 - TwoPoints.Net – Agpograf Impressors
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Spilling Creativity – Frankfurt Book Fair 2022


The Frankfurt Book Fair represents the most important international gathering of the book industry. The event brings together the main players in the publishing industry, providing a space where relationships are built and advertising rights and licensing clauses are negotiated.


For the 2022 edition, Spain has been chosen as Guest of Honour, under the slogan “Spilling Creativity”. Apart from the recognition, this event represents an opportunity for cultural and literary projection of Spanish literature to the world.


The TwoPoints.Net studio, founded by Lupi Asensio and Martin Lorenz, has been in charge of translating this declaration of principles into a visual identity. The result is a dynamic and flexible image that adapts to time and media. The design is represented by an open “S” in which creativity overflows everywhere thanks to the mixture of three different plastic gestures.


The Agpograf team had the opportunity to participate in the graphic production of this iconic book and other complementary materials: notebooks, maps and programmes. In order to achieve an optimum product, we have opted for a combination of different printing techniques: LED UV and conventional offset; and for the use of special finishes and binding.


Lupi Asensio and Martin Lorenz (TwoPoints.Net)



Book “Spilling Creativity”




Other merchandising elements, by Bermudiana: bags, pencils, pins, landyards and printed bottles.



Cover: LED UV

Inside: Conventional offset in CMYK + 2 inks: Pantone 806 and Black 7



Cover: 290 g. Majestic Metallic Milk (Union Papelera)

Inside: 90 g. Coral Book Natural 1.2 (Torraspapel)



Paperback stitched with 2-colour exposed thread

(Staple-bound notebooks)



Edges painted with two phosphorescent colours

Editorial, Stationery, Books
Conventional offset, Pantone inks, Tintes Pantone, Enquadernació fil vist, Offset convencional, Paperback binding, Rústica cosida, LED UV