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Collection of Classics

Editorial GG

Editorial GG is an independent publishing house specializing in visual culture, founded by Gustau Gili i Roig in 1902 in Barcelona under the name of Editorial Gustavo Gili.


After more than a hundred years of experience, GG Publishing is now an international benchmark in art, architecture, design, creativity and DIY books.


Based in Barcelona and Mexico, the publishing house publishes books in Spanish that are distributed around the world.


Published authors include such well-known names as John Berger, Milton Glaser, Rem Koolhaas, Bruno Munari, Joan Fontcuberta, Ellen Lupton, Austin Kleon, Juhani Pallasmaa and Ernst Neufert.


Editorial GG works every day to deepen visual culture through creative practice, technique, theory and criticism.


The publisher has entrusted us with the printing of the GG Classics Collection, which includes, among others, the books by Bruno Munari, Robert Venturi and and Donis A. Dondis. Books printed in conventional offset and bound in paperback sewn with flaps. The papers used for the collection are the Munken Print White 1.5 inside and the Brossulin XT for the cover and the reading point inserted inside.

Collection design

Conventional offset



Brossulin XT de E/R05 Tela Bianco (Fedrigoni Papers)

Brossulin XT is a collection of embossed white papers, ideal for binding and with resistance to folding. It is especially appreciated by luxury publishers for its high quality and the added value it brings to books.


Munken Print White 1.5 of 100 g. (Antalis)

Paperback binding

Editorial, Books