We eco-edit. Collaborating partners of the Eco-publishing Institute – Agpograf Impressors
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We eco-edit. Collaborating partners of the Eco-publishing Institute

Instituto Ecoedición Socios Colaboradores

Sustainability is a value that has always guided Agpograf‘s path. Over the years, we have been taking care and adapting our production to obtain certifications in the environmental and social sphere, crucial when aiming for responsible production.

Now, we take a further step towards sustainable printing: we join as collaborating partners of the Eco-publishing Institute and in eco-publishing.

The institution’s mission is to promote sustainable publishing by calculating, minimizing, and communicating the environmental impact of books and magazines. Thanks to eco-publishing, we open doors to a renewed and conscious way of producing and sharing knowledge.

The 3 key points of eco-publishing

Local Production and Social and Solidarity Economy

Optimizing the distribution process entirely, thanks to local production and zero-kilometer initiatives, and collaborating with supplier companies and clients that are part of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

Paper Choice

49.4% of a book’s environmental impact occurs in paper manufacturing. Therefore, it is necessary to guarantee the social and environmental origin of the paper and to use papers with FSC certifications.

Ecological Backpack

The BookDAPer.cat software is a calculation tool that allows us to make the best decisions in design and paper selection, inks, format, etc., to reduce the environmental impact of each book.

At Agpograf, we are your trusted printer and we are committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible production. Count on us and join us: we will guide you through the entire eco-publishing process so that you can get the most out of your publications.