Manresa. Una geografia espiritual. ADG Laus 2023 Gold Award – Agpograf Impressors
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Manresa. Una geografia espiritual. ADG Laus 2023 Gold Award

Every year, the ADG Laus Graphic Design and Visual Communication Awards recognize the most outstanding projects in the field of design and graphic arts, focusing on the cultural and economic importance of this profession in society.

At Agpograf we value graphic arts and design, and the importance they have in our environment. That is why, edition after edition, we support this initiative by participating in the printing of the Magabook, the book that presents the award-winning projects of the year.

The ADG LAUS Magabook is a captivating publishing project. At the printing level, it is a good example to illustrate the link that must exist between design and printing for a book to be a success.

This 2023 edition we feel particularly fortunate, as we have also participated in a project that won a Gold award in the complete book category: Manresa. Una geografia espiritual; design by Bendita Gloria.

Published by Editorial Tenov, this book offers an interpretation of the work of the German artist Joseph Beuys, renowned for his performances and dedicated mainly to sculpture. Beuys passionately defended the healing potential of art and the power of human creativity.

Influenced by the plane crash he suffered during the Second World War, the artist abandoned the military world to embrace the spiritual realm of art. This gave rise to MANRESA, one of his legendary performances, staged at the Schmela Gallery in Düsseldorf.

The book captures the essence of his performance by recovering previously unpublished material and offers an interpretation of his work based on the texts, images, scripts and drawings he used in preparation.

Technical characteristics

16,5 x 24,8 cm

Cover: Printed with a PANTONE ink
Inner pages: UV LED 4+4


Cover: Sirio Color Gialloro (Fedrigoni Papers)
Inner pages: Recycled offset of 100 g. and Munken Print Cream 1.5 of 90 g. (Arctic Paper)