HEIDELBERG, a joint journey of over 50 years – Agpograf Impressors
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HEIDELBERG, a joint journey of over 50 years

A joint journey of over 50 years with HEIDELBERG, a collaborator in whom our experts have placed their trust for virtually the entire history of Agpograf.

Every machine that is incorporated into our production translates into a significant leap in terms of quality and productivity. HEIDELBERG’s cutting-edge technology is the key to maintaining our commitment to ensuring maximum fidelity to the original in every project that passes through our hands.

Currently, we have two Speedmaster XL 106 machines, one of them equipped with UV LED printing, and the positive impact on the efficiency of our production is undeniable: high productivity with more precision and stability.

In a competitive and constantly evolving era like today’s world, the printing industry can only thrive if it relies on technological innovation and aspires to high quality. That is why it is of great importance to forge reliable alliances with the best suppliers.