Important Nothings - Lignereux Publishers – Agpograf Impressors
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Important Nothings

Lignereux Publishers

The origin of the timeless art collective Lignereux, dedicated to the creation of rare objects, dates back to 1781 in Paris and London. After two centuries of inactivity, in 2016, Lignereux is reborn thanks to Gonzague Mézin and the collective work of a team of designers, artists, and craftsmen.


“Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?” (Jane Austen, 1808)


The question that the English novelist wrote in a letter to her sister inspires Mézin to baptize the new project: Important Nothings, a haunting exhibition that is not only visual but also olfactory. With it, Mézin takes us into the magical universe of Greek mythology through the myth of the three Fates, responsible for weaving and undoing the thread of life and, therefore, writing destiny.


Under the production direction of Nexe Impressions and with the the care and dedication of the Agpograf team for delicate and special works, they achieve a volume that stands out both for its content and its container, thanks to finishes that breathe the unusual character of the exhibition. It is presented with a gray cardboard cover with a relief. The spine leaves the orange thread stitching exposed thanks to the open stitch rustic binding. The interior, dressed with orange endpapers, displays photographs of the art objects, printed with the best quality and fidelity to illustrate the work in every detail.



245 x 340 mm



Hardcover: 1.5 mm 945 g gray cardboard

Cover lining: Imitlin Flat Neve 125 g from Fedrigoni Paper

Endpapers: Sirio Color Arancio 170 g from Fedrigoni Paper

Interior: Munken Lynx White 150 g from Arctic Paper



Cover lining: 2/0 – P-402 + Black + Acrylic varnish 1/c

Interior: LED UV 4/4 CMYK



Open stitch rustic binding



Dry embossing on the covers

Endpapers lined on the covers

Flush trim

Exhibition catalog, Books
Vernís acrílic, Guardes, Enquadernació rústica cosida, Enquadernació fil vist, Relleu sec, LED UV